Bedroom reveal and my styling tips.


Good morning,

I am so happy to see you back for round two of my bedroom revamp with Ashley Homestore! Just in case you missed it… On my last blog post I wrote all about my new Larrenton Panel Bed and how much I have been enjoying it! Along with a few different ideas on colors and styles that pair nicely with our new piece.

I’d love to share my 3 P’s strategy for pulling a room together in a jiffy with no shortage of cozy style.

My 3 P’s are: Product, Personalization, and Pop

Product: When shopping for new pieces It’s best to keep the longevity of the piece in mind. To ensure a successful purchase here are some questions I like to ask myself before I make a commitment.

Will this piece go with many different styles and colors? Including the things I already have and love?

What is the quality of the piece?

Is this something that I can use for years? Or is it just a trend?


When I started my room makeover I had a complete vision and idea board that I wanted to work from.

I knew I had some sentimental vintage items that I wanted to incorporate to create “my personal style”

Here’s a list of what I used to create my perfect master bedroom.img_8178

  1. Kabecka box (set of 2)
  2. Larrenton King Panel Bed
  3. My Leather pillows are no longer in stock. However, the Brennen pillow is very similar.
  4. Navarre 3-Piece King Duvet
  5. Klasholm Nightstand’s
  6. Ibby Table Lamp (set of 2)
  7. Cerdic Accent Chair
  8. Gazelle Wall Art Coat Hook
  9. Clarence Throw Blanket (cream)
  10. Benedict pouf


Personalization: Tailoring your space is the most crucial part of the entire makeover process. You want the space to not only reflect your personal style but also the things you love and cherish the most. Like my vintage union jack dresser… I painted it years ago and needed to make sure that all the colors and styles would blend together seamlessly.

I love the outcome!


Pop: After tying your room together you want to take it to that next level in design by adding your touches of color and fun objects.

I used lamps with a cement effect, vintage style pillows, and my dresser as my pop’s of color and style.

Here are my Ibby lamps paired with fresh flowers and vintage brass candle holders. Some of my favorite combinations!


Here are a few more shots of my newly refreshed room with Ashley Homestore.


Thank you for stopping by and spending some time with me today!

I hope I have helped inspire you to work with my 3 P’s of pulling a room together!

Remember that your very own signature style is only a click away… at

until next time dolls!!!

love, Natalie

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