The bed of my dreams: The Larrenton panel bed by Ashley Homestore.

Hey everyone,

I have been working on an exciting bedroom makeover with Ashley Homestore lately and I’m excited to start sharing the details with all of you!

Thank goodness for Ashley because even home décor bloggers have problem areas in their own homes! Mine happened to be the bedroom.

After we moved into our little dwelling over a year ago, it seemed as though I always neglected our sleeping space. It has always been the last room to get a new piece of furniture or even a picture on the wall.

I was seriously stuck ya’ll!

Our new much smaller sleeping quarters had me confused and left me frustrated… I thought moving to a new city was supposed to be fun. Right?

For some reason I believed we couldn’t have a nice bed because our room was much smaller than we were used to. Oh boy, was I wrong!

Turns out if you subtract a few items or downsize a few things, bedrooms of all shapes and sizes can have good pieces that we love.

Duh, Natalie!

After a few trips to my local Ashley Homestore,  I looked at many different beds. It was not an easy task to pick one because all of them are GOOD y’all!

I finally decided I needed the Larrenton King Panel Bed in my life!

After a smooth delivery with helpful drivers who put the frame together for me… just like that I was staring at my latest obsession!

Why I chose the Larrenton bed:

I picked this bed for so many different reasons! In fact, all my decorating sensors were going off when I saw this beauty in my local Ashley.

The unique structure of this piece stopped me right in my tracks. It’s not often that you find a wood and fabric padded headboard/footboard combo that is both gorgeous and actually in an affordable price range. MAJOR SCORE!

The polyester upholstery gives you the protection and durable strength against wear and tear but the color of the fabric almost mimics that of organic linen, yet so much softer to the touch!

Can we talk about the color of the wood for a minute though?

 I must just say this wood tone is just my style: not too light and not too dark. It is a perfect marriage of natural rustic hues. Seeing the subtle color change in different lighting seriously make me so confident in my decision on choosing this baby. Because, oh my goodness do I have commitment issues when it comes to my furniture. Ha!

Also, all the Larrenton pieces give me some serious, updated farmhouse vibes.  Perfect for our nation’s obsession with updating old world style.

With its neutral tones it really gives you so much creative freedom to change your space as frequently as you please.  You can use as many colors as your heart desires, which is a major plus for your inner décor enthusiast.

Here’s a look at my personal room inspiration along with a few different ways to style your new Larrenton Panel Bed.  Each set is perfectly paired with some of my favorite Ashley Furniture pieces!

Set one: The Southern Bell

The Larrenton looks so gorgeous paired with creams, whites, shades of blues, and rustic elements… I mean, can you just picture this combo paired with a white shiplap wall while drinking sweet tea on a warm southern night. Yes, ya’ll! Yes!


Set two: Blushing Boho

With a mix of textures and funky-neutral elements the Larrenton is also paired nicely with an eclectic array of objects perfect for a polished boho look. I can almost transport myself to a sunny little bungalow in a fun city.


Set three: Sunny Rancher

I created the sunny rancher set to highlight the Larrenton bed with fun rustic aspects. I incorporated rusty reds, creams, yellows, blues, and darker natural tones. Can you imagine yourself with a strong cup of coffee hitting your lips as you watch the sun come up on the ranch?


Set four: Earthy Safari (My bedroom inspiration)

Alas my favorite set! I used this one as the inspiration for my bedroom makeover. Being the neutral lover that I am, I choose to go with very organic colors so I could switch my “pop of color” frequently.

Using the Larrenton panel bed as an anchor I built around it with my favorite Ashley products.


Here’s a peek at how I styled my Larrenton King Panel Bed.

Adding our favorite items to intimate spaces always give us a feeling of belonging and peace. The perfect recipe for a wonderful night of sleep.

I know I have been sleeping like a big ol’ baby every night since its arrival!

I’ve seriously had such a fun time building this bedroom refresh with Ashley Homestore.  We are so happy with our new room… My family and I spend so much time being cozy in our new space, that we almost forget that we have other rooms in our home.

Sorry, not sorry. lol!

If I had to choose a bed again I would choose this one again and again! I am so in love, my friends!

Well, thanks for hanging out with me for a while! Make sure to check back next week for my full bedroom reveal and personal style tips.

Until next time.

Love always,


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