Casual Fall Dining


Happy October everyone!


I’ve been enjoying seeing everyone’s Fall/ Halloween decor! It gave me some major motivation to work on my own little tablescape over yonder. However, I must be completely honest. I DO NOT ENTERTAIN PEOPLE! haha! Maybe I should, but I don’t. With that being said. Over the top tablescapes are just not practical for my family. Nor would it be real life. Just keeping it real folks! I knew I wanted to do something fun for the three of us. But, I couldn’t decide! So, I went with a few different options… CASUAL OPTIONS! Just enough to make my daughters eye sparkle! (my favorite)

Because I wanted to make things quick, simple, and inexpensive. I used items that were already here at home.

Fruit, candles, fabric, crafting wire, random decor items, blankets, and green pumpkins.

I had two yards of some natural fabric that I purchased at Wal-Mart last year. I believe it cost me around $1.50 a yard! super inexpensive! After giving it a run through the washer, I love the texture that it took on. I loosely draped it on the middle of the table then added some copper jewelry wire around the edges.

I also tied the same wire around our napkins for a fun rosy-orange pop of color that I think is perfect for fall vibes!


Fall colored fruit and pumpkins were another favorite topper for me!


It’s not about what’s on your table. It’s about who’s sitting at it.

It’s all about sharing your favorite items and yummy food with loved ones.

Making them feel special for a little while.


After putting together this fun and informal setting, I wanted to experiment with a Halloween style tablescape. So, I dug through what I had and found some of my favorite Halloween decor! I also pulled some random black and cream house decor… Some throw pillows and one of my favorite blankets for the top of the table. I love the added cozy feeling!


Just have fun and let your creativity fly! keep it simple with little stress!

I hope I was able to help inspire you to try something new using what you have and enjoy a little dinner with your family!

Thanks for hanging out with me!

until next project,


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