Faux Concrete table top using Marrakech Paint (Pure&Original)


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You guy’s had tons of questions and comments about my newly DIYed dining table, and I love it! keep em’ coming! This project was totally easy and way less scary than using actual cement!


Let me start of by saying that I have the Greyson Java dining table which I purchased at World Market about a year ago. Although, I loved this table the surface took a real beating when we downsized and used it as our sole eating station.


I’m really not interested in replacing it at the moment so this was the perfect alternative!


Here are some of the questions I was asked before we get started…

  1. Q: “Is this concrete?” A: This Is not cement, this is 100% mineral paint.
  2. Q: “What kind of paint is this?” A: This paint finish is called Marrakech and it is made by a company called Pure & Original Paint
  3. Q: “Can you use this on countertops?” A: The answer is yes. However, they do not recommend you use these paints on super high traffic areas such as kitchen countertops. Due to an excess of heat, sharp objects, and water.
  4. Q: “What color did you use?” A: I used a color called “Tin Kettle”
  5. Q: “Where can I purchase the paint?” A: You can purchase the paint online or… you can check and see if there is a dealer in your state close by.
  6. Q: “Are there other colors?” A: Absolutely! they have a beautiful selection of colors to choose from!



What you want to order is:

  • Basic wall prime base
  • Marrakech paint
  • Dead Flat Sealer
  • Trowel
  • Paint brush
  • Medium and fine grit sandpaper

Most found online: Here

First you want to start by lightly sanding down your surface. I went over my table in circular motions a few times, with a medium grit sand paper.  This was just to roughen it up a little so the primer and paint have a better adherence to the surface.

After that Is all done, dust it off and start applying your Pure & Original wall prime base. You can use a brush or roller… both work great! I personally used a brush. but I think the roller would have been a much quick/ easier method!

Once you have let your primer set (I let it dry for most of the day) you can begin your first coat of Marrakech. I like to think of applying this paint like spreading frosting on a cake. Seriously…


I dipped my Brush in the paint then spread it on. ONE SECTION AT A TIME. (If you are working on a surface with edges, I would suggest to do those first) After spreading the wet Marrakech with a brush in sections, I then use the trowel to spread the paint like frosting on a cake! Make sure you’re not too heavy-handed while spreading… you don’t want a bunch of trowel lines in the Marrakech. During the trowel spreading process there will be excess left over on your tool… don’t worry! Just wipe it off with a napkin or paper towel and repeat this process until the whole surface is complete.

Next, let your first layer of Marrakech paint dry completely! I would give this first layer a couple of days. This ensures that the lime in the paint will fully cure. After playing the waiting game I then repeated the same steps again in different spots. This gives it a cloudy look that I am obsessed with!

Then… More waiting!

hang tight! it’s so worth it! Promise!

After you have let the Marrakech sit and develop for two to four days for the second time. You now want to get out a fine grit sand paper and VERY LIGHTLY sand your surface and edges. The paint will sand off in a powder form… just dust it off your surface.

After you have removed all powder from your work surface you are now going to want to dilute your DEAD FLAT ECOSEALER with 25-30% water until you get a white milky fluid.

You can then start to apply a thin layer with a brush or a damp cloth… Do not use a roller because this could create air bubbles, this is not something you want.

After waiting about 12 hours you can go ahead and apply a second thin layer. At this point you can either go ahead and let this be your last dying period before you are completely done or you can apply a Third thin coat for the final time.

After you are totally done make sure to clean it with a mild soap and stay away from harsh chemicals that could possibly eat at the beautiful finish.

That’s all guys! so easy and so gorgeous!!!




There are a wonderful amount of helpful tips and techniques that you can find online under the MARRAKECH section.

If you are interested,



Thanks for stopping by!

Love, Natalie


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