Perfectly timed love.

Good morning guys!

Today I am going to get a little personal with a story about my husband and I… I’ll try and not cry like a baby while I reminisce.

Years ago my husband and I were absolutely certain that we wanted to get married. Unfortunately we, like many other young couples found ourselves unable to have the wedding of our dreams. Because we had bills! big ones, small ones, you name it. Not to mention… we had a baby on the way that we needed to prepare for. Because her future was way more important than a white gown. I knew in my heart that there was definitely not going to be a beautiful ring that every girl dreams of. Deep down inside I was crushed… I wanted to cry! Knowing that I was going to marry this man and I’d never even seen what a diamond looked like In person!

One day Jeremy said to me “I’m going to cook something for you tonight” I looked at him rather strangely because it was a bit out of his norm. But… I knew that his native red beans and rice were out of this world! As I sat my VERY pregnant self on the couch watching episodes of my favorite shows. I smelled the celery, onions and bell pepper simmer away! Yum! While sitting at the dinner table Jeremy was smiling more that usual and seemed to be beaming with light. I just smiled back because he was always so good to me. After finishing up my delicious dinner I sat back down on my dent in the sofa and browsed through the tv guide. Jeremy came over to me and handed me a little black box. At that point I was so very confused and didn’t quit understand what was going on!

He grabbed the box, opened it saying “Natalie, will you be my wife?” I saw tears welling in his eyes and when I looked in this little box… the most beautiful little oval solitaire stared back at me. MY FIRST DIAMOND! so this is what it feels like! This wonderful feeling of being so loved that two people can share a moment of pure joy and love. After saying YES! and sitting in bliss staring at my ring that I knew was second-hand… I quickly snapped back to reality and said “how! how did you do this? we can’t afford this” after asking him over and over again he finally came clean with me and told me that he had sold a few of his most prized belongings to pay for it.

That’s when I realized that it was not about the diamond at all! How could I have been so selfish in thinking that’s what made a marriage??? His act of pure love and selflessness is what marriage is about. For years I cherished this ring and the meaning behind it. Eventually, it was replaced with a brand new ring when we were in better standings financially. I will never forget what he did for me, for us, for our family.

Amongst one of the possessions that he sold was a watch that he cherished. I had never been able to replace this watch until now…

 I finally got my husband the watch of his dreams! Just like he gave me the ring of my dreams!

Although it’s not the watch he sold for my engagement ring… I know he loves this one so much more! Jeremy has spent so much time in the garage wood working. So, naturally he’s drawn to wood tones. I knew JORD would be a perfect match for him! I picked out the Dover style watch in zebrawood/ dark sandalwood

The details are magnificent! My husband has been wearing his JORD watch for a while now and constantly receives complements on his new unique piece. It’s the perfect work and play combination that make this a winner in our book. He is a simple man and this watch is a nice way to add that “finishing touch” to his look.

Thanks for reading our little love story!

Here’s a link to your chance of winning your very own prize!!!

Until next time dolls!



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