Bookcase styling. (IKEA Vittsjo)


Hey Dolls,

Today I am going to tell you all about my process when it comes to styling my IKEA bookcases. I use 3 simple methods that works for me every time!

In case you didn’t know… I have 2 white Ikea vittsjo bookcases. I pushed mine together to form a statement wall for all my favorite décor items. I love having 2 of the same shelving units!!! Why? Because I can take them apart and move them around to my liking OR push them together.


Here is the method that I used to help control my clutter while helping my most cherished pieces really pop! Leaving you with a visually appealing statement unit, even your mother in law will be proud of! (wink wink)

  1. In order to truly start envisioning where your items will be placed, you need to clear all items from shelves! NAKED!
  2. Shop your home for some of you favorite items because we want to smile every time we look at them and to say something about our personal home style.
  3. Some of my favorite items to place are… Fresh plants or flowers, art work, books, vintage finds, weathered wood, baskets, beads, brass or gold items.
  4. Once your items are picked I like using methods I call: “the V method, the on off pattern, or the diagonal method”


THE V METHOD: this is one of my favorites because its so easy to map it out. below in the picture I show how the green items are placed in a V shape. the V can be going in any direction that makes sense to you. Right, left, up or down. (I used a succulent, leaf and a green vase)

THE PATTERN: as seen in the picture I used a very simple on and off method going horizontally on the shelving unit. Top shelf is: LIGHT yarn, WOOD stand, LIGHT books, WOOD dough bowl. Second row is: POP OF BLACK, GREEN, POP OF BLACK, GREEN.

THE DIAGONAL: This one is pretty self explanatory…this involves placing you like items or similar colored décor in any diagonal direction.

I cant wait to see how you all style your shelves!
until next project, dolls!


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