Thanksgiving Tablescape 2016

Hey friends!
I hope you all are having a wonderful day! I wanted to show y’all how I put this super simple and inexpensive fall tablescape together. Although I will not be at my home for thanksgiving this year. I’m happy to announce that my little girl and I will be heading to Denver, Colorado for some much-needed family time! I have been itching to try out a table setting because I’ve never really taken the time to put all the pretty things on the table… Ha! I’m more of a paper plates for everyone type of gal. Can I get an amen?

Okay, so I shopped… The house that is!

Awhile back I picked up five yards of this super awesome fabric from Walmart… I believe it was less than two dollars a yard! I threw it in the wash and when it came out, it looked so much like raw yummy linen I jumped for joy! Woo hoo!!!

Next, I got to work on layering.

After the fabric, I put down my macrame table runner from my talented friend Gianna. You can shop all her custom macrame art on her Etsy shop Boho Choco Everything is gorgeous! And I mean everything! I also like the idea of loosely draping another texture or color fabric or another runner of your choice.

Play around and have fun!

I also used random book pages on this scape because I always have a large stack of  old books lying around my house. Books are one of my favorite things to purchase from a second-hand store because they are so freakin’ cheap and you can do so many different fun things with them.

So, next we need something dead.

Gahhhh wait, whaaa?!?! Ha! I’m talking leafs and branches, people!

I ran outside and snipped some dead branches on the trees outside for the table top and napkins. Not only do I love the raw nature aspect of them, I thought the deep brown went well with the neutral setting. Oh yeah… And the freeness of them! I just tied the napkins with some string and placed a tag on it. I purchased these tags at Michaels and inserted one of the smaller branches. 
Trader Joe’s is one of my absolute favorite places to go every week for lovely fresh produce. And of course my favorite: flowers, succulents, and herbs. Naturally I scooped up some pretty little pumpkins, gourds, and honey nut squash which I took the liberty of renaming “minion squash” you’re welcome America! It makes so much more sense, right?
I had all my table gathered… But,  we were lacking a center piece! Looking around the house I spotted the pumpkin I had outside. I cut it open, removed the seeds and sprayed the inside with bleach to help preserve it a little longer. After prepping the pumpkin, I inserted a small vase… Filled it with water and started arranging!

Here are a few more pictures of my fall taplescape…

I had so much fun doing this and I can not wait for the next tablescape! I hope it has inspired you to gather some items and have fun creating for your next family gathering.

Remember: Layers, nature and paper… Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Until next project my friends!



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