FALL’N for white pumpkins!


Hey y’all,

This year has been flying by and with my little one in school, you would think I would have more time! Eh.. wrong! its been a crazy race of “how fast can I clean this up?” or “Can I finish this project before picking up my kiddo?” and after that… My day is pretty much dedicated to helping her with X amount of projects – this exhausts me just thinking about it! So, with that being said, I needed to find a way of making things simple for fall since its not such a huge thing around our house. We enjoy Christmas much more! I found that the white pumpkins at our local grocery stores have been just perfect for the simple fall touches I was looking for.

I brought some outside on the patio for a splash of fun for my daughter and I’s laugh sessions.img_2897

These babies are only 69 cents at our local Trader Joe’s! added with some greenery they will take us through thanksgiving before the Christmas shenanigans commence! (I put mine in a pretty white bowl and moved them all around the house.)

These big beauties were found at a farm, up the road for about 10 bucks.

Two dollar bats from hobby lobby on the wall while Endia crafts her little heart out! makes my crafter heart sing… and also a little pissed because I cleaned that up! (True story)img_2471



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